Friday, March 24, 2006


My current culinary class is Culinary Arts 100. Introduction to culinary history, cooking methods, knife cuts, and farting. Yes, farting. The guy sitting next to me – let’s call him Daryl (because that’s his name) – is constantly passing the time by farting. Not silent but deadly farting, but all out audible freight train farting. It’s ok though because he always says, “Excuse me” after each noxious fart. I’m going to have to start bringing a gas mask (and earplugs) to class.

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tracy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh gwad PLEASE introduce me because I can't possibly get me enough of them farting men. Hell no. They don't make enough of them. WHY IN MY TIME ON EARTH I'VE NOT MET ONE SINGLE MAN YET THAT FARTS ENOUGH FOR ME. This Darryl and I are meant to be together.