Sunday, April 02, 2006

Evil Thoughts

My dear friends R and M sent me a lovely collection of postcards as a cheer me up gift. I have yet to personally thank them for the laughter the postcards inflicted and the warmth their friendship continues to instill upon my life.

With phrases like, "Sorry I painted the word 'Twat' on your garage door," I don't know how you couldn't laugh. And I'm sure all of you know at least one person you'd like to send this postcard to! If not, you are kidding yourself, don't work in corporate America.

Check out David Shrigley's work and maybe you'll find a postcard to send to the one you love (or hate).

R and M - I miss you both and thank you for thinking of me.

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Anonymous said...

We miss you so much too!!! We knew when we saw those postcards the only person who would appreciate them as much as us was YOU!!! We love you and miss you terribly!!

R & M