Saturday, June 24, 2006

I Don't Do B's

On Thursday night, we got our Nutrition midterms back. Upon seeing my grade, an 84, I think I made a sound similar to – EEEEK. I don’t do B’s. I do A’s. Getting a B is unacceptable.

Out comes my notes and book as I meticulously examine each question I got wrong and search for a reason that it’s not really wrong.

Me (hand raised): Um, on number 31, you said the answer is avocado, and I put olive.

Chef Instructor: Ok.

Me: Well, I’m looking at the book right now and it also says the answer is olive.

CI: Hmmmm (scratches chin). You know, I think you’re right. Ok, I’ll give you points for that.

Fellow classmates: Sweeeeeet! I missed that too.

Me (hand raised again): On 34, you said the answer was olive oil and I put palm oil.

CI: Ok.

Me: Well, I’m looking at my notes from your lecture, and I think you said palm oil.

CI: Yeah, you’re right. Ok, I’ll give you points for that one too.

FC: Allison, you rock. You just brought me up to passing.

Me (hand raised for the third time): Ok, so on 43, I put USDA Food Pyramid and you’re saying the right answer is the Latin American Food Pyramid. According to the book, neither is correct. I’m thinking this was just a badly worded question.

CI: (After rifling through the book, notes and some head scratching) I agree. It’s a badly worded question. I’ll throw the question out and give you points for that one too.

FC: You’re on fire. If you keep it up, I might actually get a B!!

CI: Allison, anything else?

Me: No, I’m done. I just lobbied my way to an A.


Tony said...

well done


jacque's treats said...

You tell em, sister. :)

tracy said...

that's my allison!

i love it.