Thursday, June 22, 2006

You’re Just a Girl

So I volunteered to help out the parental unit with a promotional event for his business. Yes, I volunteered to wear a head to toe polyester gecko costume, complete with lizard head and feet in 100 degree Texas heat at a baseball game. What the hell was I thinking?

Little kids galore loved the gecko. I received more hugs in a two hour period from strangers than I have in my whole entire life, from anyone.

For those of you familiar with the gecko, HE often appears on TV commercials talking with a lovely BRITISH accent. Being fully aware of this fact, I did my best to avoid talking while in costume – I’m a girl and a horrible accent impersonator.

While doing my thing, some older thugs – maybe 15 or 16 years old, ambushed me. They were pulling my tail, beating on my head and otherwise acting foolish. Fairly immobile, I start waving my hands at the parental unit for backup. When he didn’t see my flailing arms, I started to shout for assistance in my girly, Texas voice.

Upon hearing my voice, the lizard abusers made a quick exit. But not before pointing out (with what seemed to be disappointment), “Oh…you’re just a girl.”

Yeah, I’m a girl. In a lizard costume. And next time, I’ll kick your ass.


Anonymous said...

This is the funniest story I have heard - thanks fo rthe laugh darling!!

Miss you!!
Nee nee

yellowandorange said...


tracy said...

"I'm just a girl in a lizard costume."

Jeez, that's the best opening to a novel I've ever heard.

Tony said...

Gecko abuse, isn't that a crime in your fair state? As for an English accented gecko? well we dont get many round these parts... though global warming may encourage them, as for the thugs, sorry jouvenile delinquants, they are all too common...

:o) you must have made a commical sight, though i'm sure the costume must have been hot... and as for all those huggs... save them up and store for a rainy day