Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sweetbread Prep

Classmate: Why is it called sweetbread?
Chef Instructor: Because it’s really hard to sell thymus on a menu.

Yep, you read right. Wednesday night we will be cooking up cow thymus. Tonight we prepped the gland for cooking tomorrow. While my partner was busy doing dishes, I was busy holding down the throw up.

I pulled the thymus out of the blood soaked plastic bag with a pair of tongs and gloved hands. Blood. Everywhere. It resembles brain matter. Pockets of flesh loosely cling to each other to form one big gloppy mess (yes, it’s a technical culinary term). I drop the gland into a pot of boiling, salted lemon water until it is light poached and just starts to turn a shade of white.

Upon removing the thymus from the water, I spent several minutes pulling the sinew (filmy layer of skin) off of the flesh. All the while, holding down the – oh wait – it’s coming up. Stand over the trash can for a minute.

Resume sinew removal.

Once sinew is removed, I wrapped the thymus all up in a piece of cheesecloth and molded it into the shape of salami. Now get ready for the big finish….

I wrung out all of the excess “juice” to create a solid mass of gland. I tied up both ends of the cheese cloth and hung it in the refrigerator to do its thing overnight.

Now, can anyone tell me what’s sweet about that?


Tony said...

in my country thats just b*******, or sweetmeat by any other name... the hard part will be the eating i'm sure... but with a nice garlic sauce maybe....


Susan said...

That may be the most disgusting thing I've ever heard...I'm surprised you didn't just walk out. UGH. Gross.

jacque's treats said...

Sweet Jebus, that sounds foul! *shudder* Not looking foward to that part of class :P

tracy said...

The good news is that when I b*tch at you about cooking for me, I'm certainly NEVER going to ask for that. No matter what you offer to wear while cooking for me.

QueenieCarly said...

I can barely read about the prep, there's not a chance that would make it to my stomach!

yellowandorange said...

That is NASTY!