Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Recipe: Force Me to Eat

In a food processor, puree chopped chicken thigh meat, garlic, shallot, cream and egg white. Hit the off button when the mixture resembles melted pink ice cream.

Spread out some caul fat on a cutting board. Caul fat is stomach lining that, when spread out, looks like a white, crocheted doily.

Take a whole chicken, completely remove the carcass and all flesh. What remains is the skin, fully intact, roughly resembling the shape of a bird. Scrape off all excess fat.

Pound out a chicken breast until you can almost see through it. Stay with me here. We are almost done.

Layer, in this order, chicken skin, pounded chicken and pink ice cream. Roll it up all nicely and then wrap it in caul fat.

Sear in a hot pan and finish in oven.

The main component, Forcemeat. The technique, Galantine. The finished product, Chicken Doria.


yellowandorange said...

That sounds disgusting. Maybe I'm NOT cut out for this culinary stuff.

Robin said...

UMMM so this may have given me just another reason to be a vegetarian! YUCK!!!!