Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Vacation Over

I’m back from a mini blogging vacation wherein I:

-Managed to eek out an A in my second of four lab classes
-Slept. A lot. Probably too much.
-Watched an obscene amount of movies thanks to my new Netflix subscription.
-Made 14 batches of pancakes. Each of them different, but equally delicious.

I have moved on to two new and rather interesting classes:

Cost Control – which teaches you how to manage food, beverage and labor costs in your business, but somehow seems to steer itself into more entertaining conversations about how to catch a thieving bartender with stamps and black lights.

Wine – which teaches the science of enology and also includes weekly wine tastings where we will be required to describe the organoleptic qualities of wine using words such as burnt tar, cat urine and wet dog.


painter said...

and revamp your blog in an exciting new colour scheme


Summer said...

i like the new layout! i have yet to figure out how to spiff up my blog, aside from picking one of the boring layouts from the blogger site...

tracy said...

Whoa. I tried to adjust my screen. But it was your blog.

Welcome back! What's for dinner??

Robin said...

I love your new blog!! It looks really cute. Thanks for all your support over the past couple weeks. It has meant a lot. I love you!