Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dookie Dough

Tonight we made three types of bread:

Pan Au Lait
Pullman Bread
French Baguettes

The Pan Au Lait dough is rolled out into ropes and then twisted into one of three shapes – knot, figure eight or “s” shape.

After some practice, my partner and I managed to perfect the knot shape. The result resembled a pile of doggie doo. As a garnish, we topped them with black sesame seeds.

The bread quickly earned the nickname of “Turd Piles with Flies.”


Anonymous said...

That poo bread sure looks good. What is up with your food pictures? Last week you have a boob burger and now poo bread?
This blog is getting too disgusting for my taste. I'm going back to reading the tasteful DurteeMartini blog.

tracy, formerly DurteeMartini said...

HA! Well, the Durtee has resigned her post, my friend. So you'll have to come back here for your "taste"fulness.

I like me some poo bread. And flies - nice added touch with the protein.

yellowandorange said...