Thursday, February 23, 2006

Albino Roaches and Fish Sticks

Sanitation 101 is the first course of my year long culinary education. Day 3 of Sanitation class begins with Chef K's daily anecdote - albino roaches. When Chef K ran a restaurant down in Miami, his co-worker discovered a weird phenomenon lurking behind some cooking equipment. They gathered up these white roaches in a box and headed to the bakery next door. With some friendly jesting, Chef K bet the bakery owner 50 bucks that he had roaches in his establishment. The baker vehemently denied this accusation and gladly put 50 dollars on the counter. Chef K opened the box to reveal the "albino" roaches. Feeling defeated, the bakery owner went to his supply room and immediately discovered an open bag of flour that had become a nice home for a bunch of hungry roaches. Chef K returned to his restaurant 50 bucks richer with a box full of flour dusted roaches.

I bet you're hoping that these roaches weren't served alongside fish sticks. They weren't - at least not that I know of. However, you might like to know that those fish sticks you love to eat with a big glob of ketchup and a hearty helping of gooey mac-n-cheese aren't the highest quality, freshest hunk of seafood out there. Generally fish stick makers buy the main ingredient from fisherman who have been at sea for five days and are eager to get rid of the fish at the bottom of the barrel that were caught on day 1.
Happy eating!


tracy said...

Honey, why do you think they invented tarter sauce?

Welcome to blogland! We love you and can't wait to read more.

Dish it out!
(that was a pun there, get it???)


'Mazing Amy said...

why does tracy's olive look pornographic? ;)