Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Green Goddess

Tonight I tested out a recipe on my friend T. Pasta with a Green Goddess Sauce. Sounds divine, no? Well, not so much. Here's the process.

1) Roast Shallots in oven and make house smell delicious.

2) Make sauce and stink up the place (must be the tofu)

3) Eat and critique (too much tang)

4) Pack up the leftovers and pawn them off on unsuspecting moms.

I wouldn't recommend the recipe, but for any that are curious, let me know.


tracy said...

I thought it was yummy. But less on the lemon. Weird how recipies overdo one ingredient sometimes.

Tofu has no smell and no taste. It absorbs whatever you put it with. So it wasn't tofu we were smelling... must have been The Labrador's farts.

robin said...

I think I would like to know about the Green Goddess sauce. I think I would like to know why they call it the Green Goddess sauce. Was it invented by Lt. Spock's girlfriend?