Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Vodka Pasta

So...a friend of mine who knows how much I LOVE Vodka, sent me a recipe that Rachael Ray recently featured on Oprah. Without hesitation, I gathered up the ingredients (rest assured that Vodka was already on hand) and began peparation for what I thought would be a FABULOUS dinner. I even added SHRIMP!! Blessed be my friend who is open to trying almost anything (barring olives), who shoveled in a few spoonfuls before finally announcing that the dish is just shit. Well hell, I tried. And I never thought that anything with Vodka could fail me. Damn Rachael Ray.


'Mazing Amy said...

I have an AMAZING vodka sauce recipie. Email me and I'll send it. :)

tracy said...

Yes - Amy talks about this Vodka sauce recipe a lot.

By the way, I can't stand Rachael Ray. If I hear that women say "EVOO" one more time I'm going to choke her with a handfull of shallots.