Sunday, March 12, 2006


Since this is a culinary school blog, you might be expecting a post about food - food that's full of FLAVOR. On the contrary. Tonight, a friend of mine persuaded me (with a deep dish, whole wheat vegetarian pizza) to watch the season finale of The Flavor of Love. With names like Cherry, Peaches, Pumkin and Red Oyster, one could only hope the lady contestants had more too offer than hooch, bling and a lot of tattooed (and sometimes droopy) skin. Having never seen the show until tonight, a quick recap told me everything I needed to know. Flava is looking for a "baby girl" and the women on the show are looking for a 40 something man dressed in a cheetah print robe with enough bling to set off every airport security system in America. It came down to the final two baby girls - New York and Hoopz. *Spoiler* (if you actually care) Flava tells New York that she's outta there because he's "going to roll with Hoopz." The most romantic moment comes with Flava ask Hoopz to be "his baby" and presents her with a set of gold tooth caps. So much for diamonds ladies. This is the new engagement gift of the millennium.

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