Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mmmmm, Corn

Last night we began vegetable cookery, and we kicked it all off with the most delicious corn I have ever eaten. If you are a fan of corn, you’ve got to try this:

Sweat some mined shallots and garlic in a little butter until no longer crunchy
Remove from heat and let this mixture cool
Chop up some fresh parsley and tarragon
Build a compound butter by mixing together butter, cooled shallots and garlic and herbs
Meanwhile, cook fresh ears of corn in boiling, salted water
Once cooked, remove from water and cut kernels off of the cob
Stir in some of the compound butter until melted and serve

This dish will definitely be added to my Thanksgiving menu. Not necessarily good for you, but oh so gooooood!


Tony said...

mmmm this sounds good, we are just getting some early cobs in the shops now... but this sounds great for the summer to go with a BBQ

yellowandorange said...

That sounds soooo good!