Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Professional Comparison

On a daily basis, my chef instructors (one of who I’m certain was a drill instructor in a previous life) stress the importance of professionalism in the school environment. Having worked in a couple of professional environments myself, not to mention graduating from a well respected university, I think I have a decent feel for professional. That being said, let’s do a little analysis:

Chef Instructors say professionalism is:
-Short, short nails: get humiliated by having to cut your nails to the quick in front of the entire class
-Line Up: stand in front of your stove and undergo a white glove inspection to evaluate your cleaning skills
-Screaming: get screamed at for anything and everything, including going to the restroom without permission
-Questions: have a damn good reason for asking a question or risk snide looks and blatant disregard
-Name Calling: get used to being called a dumbass

I have experienced professionalism as:
-Tolerant of questions, learning and growth
-Praise for a job well done
-Pointers on how to avoid future failures

As week two of this course is nearing a close, I have failed at my main goal – to not let this environment prevent me from learning and enjoying this experience. Instead, I’m starting to think being a chef is more like Hell’s Kitchen than Paula Deen’s breakfast table. Complete bummer.


Tony said...

did you ever watch Hells Kitchen? we have so many cooking and chief tv programs here we are spoilt for choice. Currently there are 14 in a cook off to provide a banquet for the Queens 80th birthday

Allison said...

Tony - I watched the US version of Hell's Kitchen and it was INTENSE! They are set to air another season in June. We do have quite a few other chef/cooking reality shows on TV right now. My current favorite is a show called The Next Food Star where contestants compete for their own cooking tv series.

yellowandorange said...

Whoa, that's frightening.

Who do you want to win The Next Food Network Star?
My vote is for Reggie. Even if he's not Mr. Foodie/went to culinary school, I think he's easier to relate to and he's just so fun!

Allison said...

I totally dig Reggie too! He has a great personality!

Tony said...

Hi Allison
The Great British Menu is the show, hopefully it will run at some time on BBC World in the US