Wednesday, May 10, 2006

No Spatulas Allowed

Tonight, as we continued potato cookery, we also took our first stab at flipping food in a sauté pan without the use of utensils.

I put together a lovely “potato pancake” which ultimately looked and tasted as good as the ones served up at IHOP. Yes, I eat at IHOP. And yes, I love their hash browns.

As the potatoes sizzled in some clarified butter, I finally got up the courage to try the oh so professional flipping technique. Over the burner, I quickly force the sauté pan forward and jerk it back towards my body. The potato pancake catches some air, flies out of the pan and heads directly towards my face. Acrobatics kick in and with a few jumps and some swift pan maneuvering, I landed the potato pancake in the pan. It wasn’t a perfect 10, but it didn’t hit the floor – or my face. Whew!


Tony said...

sounds like fun, you get a work out and cooking lessons all in one, must save time going to the gym... glad to hear things improving :o)

yellowandorange said...

Hahahaha! That's great. I can't flip pans like that.

You guys are learning stuff FAST there. They don't mess around!