Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Potatoes Au Crap

Tonight we began a 3 day spree of potato making. We made 5 different potato dishes – 4 of which were met with the following comments when presented for grading:

- What the hell is this?
- What kind of fucked up piping job is this?
- Kind of thin, isn’t it? (along with rude face and the “what were you thinking” look)
- This is sauce?

The only potato dish I made tonight that remotely received an acceptable grade was the one doused in cream and topped with cheese. But then again, what wouldn’t taste good doused in cream and topped with cheese?


tracy said...

honey, you are absolutely correct. i can think of a whole list of people, er, i mean things that would taste good doused in cream and topped with cheese.

tracy said...

and... by the way, bees can smell fear, but they cannot smell cheese.

Tony said...

so if its the first of 3 days of spuds then there is time rebuild on todays less the anticipated results and start to get excited about the other dishes to come, after all you have only had one dish with cheese so far, and there is a whole world of potato dishes that need and demand cheese...

Allison said...

This post has been edited. It has been edited to remove an "*". I have decided, once and for all, I am no longer worried about offending anyone with my true vocabulary.