Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Glutton Defines Gluttony

There is this guy in my class that frequently:

-Is the first to dig in to the chef instructors’ demo food (sometimes even bowling others over to make sure this happens)
-Licks a plate, bowl, ramekin, and sometimes even a table, clean
-Secretly packs up leftovers for home use
-Double dips
-Manhandles food so that others won’t take it from him
-Barters with other cooking classes for their nightly creations

Tonight we made lasagna. A big portion of lasagna. The chef instructors’ were only grading the lasagna on form and consistency, which meant we got to eat the finished product – a rare event. This guy – he devours the lasagna before his teammates can even sample it. They are giving him a hard time. He is going on and on about how he wants to eat more, but is finally full. The whole class is surprised at this admission. It’s a first.

A classmate jokingly suggests that he could make himself throw up so that he could continue to eat more lasagna.

He said, “I would, but that would mean I’m a glutton.”


tracy said...

I bet he's a great lover.


yellowandorange said...

Oh my gosh.

Tony said...

oh dear i hope they are not all like that in class

there is love of food and then there is, as you said gluttony