Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Tonight we made fresh pasta. For those of you who have never had fresh pasta, you aren’t missing much – except being coated in flour for 5 grueling hours. Please, don’t try to convince me otherwise. My feet are aching, I have dough in places I’d rather not think about and I saw one of my fellow classmates smuggle a ball of pasta dough out of class in his pants.

Besides making fettuccini, papardelle, farfalle and tortellini, we made an assortment of sauces to go with the pasta. One being – Putanesca. I’ve heard it referred to in movies and shows – “I’d love to enjoy that bottle of wine with a nice Putanesca.” Sounds so extravagant. After learning about, and subsequently making Putanesca, I will not be enjoying it with a damn thing – not wine, not milk, not even smothered in cheese.

Made with a mixture of tomatoes (blehk, gross, eeew, yuck), capers, calamata olives and anchovy filets, it’s actually referred to as the “hooker’s dish.” In Italy of years ago, it was something easy for working girls to whip up this dish between…ahem, appointments. It became such a common dish amongst these women that the smell of it cooking became associated with the dirty deed.

Tasty, huh?


Tony said...

mmm nice.... (not)
stick to buying ready made pasta from the shops and deli's
as for the rest of the story...ahhhmm well best not share that over a meal with a significant other... wait till after..

tracy said...

mmmm... this actually sounds good to me. But then again, I am Durtee.

'Mazing Amy said...

Yummm, leave out the anchovies and it sounds amazing to me.