Friday, June 30, 2006

I Hope Drool Doesn't Stain

The past 6 weeks of class have been relatively painless. All book work and only 2 hours per night. On July 10th, I start my next lab class. 6 weeks, 5 hours a night, in the kitchen, meat cookery. Up until this point, I’ve been seriously stressing about who the Chef Instructors would be, and hoping beyond hope that it wouldn’t be the same jackasses that taught my last lab class.

I arrive at Nutrition class last night and realize we have a substitute for the night. Disappointment sets in. We have a final today and I was really hoping the teacher that writes the final would be there to go over the material. And then, the substitute turns around to face the class. He is tall. He is smiling. He has dark brown wavy hair. He is built. He is HOT. I lose track of the fact that regular Chef Instructor is absent today, and get used to the idea of spending the next 2 hours with some seriously beautiful eye candy.

He kicks off the class by introducing himself, giving us a little background on his culinary experience and then letting us know that not only will he be our Chef Instructor for the evening, but that he will also be our Chef Instructor for our upcoming lab class.

Party over here. Party over there. Shake your derriere. No jackasses. Just 6 weeks of Chef Instructor Hot. This. Is. Going. To. Be. Fabulous.


tracy said...

If you aren't going to take a bite, pass him my way honeypie.

Susan said...

I hear meat cookery can be difficult. I'm sure you're going to need some 1-on-1 instruction....

Tony said...

remember to take an apple for teacher, that always impresses

but try to remember some of the class