Thursday, April 20, 2006

All Things NOT French

No stock, no cream soup, no consommé, no fancy garnishes, just good old comfort food. For breakfast, I whipped up some fresh hashbrowns, sautéed some onions, and scrambled in a couple of eggs.

Top it off with a little Tabasco and garnish with cheese. Now that’s what I call fine dining.


yellowandorange said...

Yum! I love this kind of food :D

Tony said...

mmmm sounds good... i'm home alone this weekend... this sounds like the best way to start Saturday :o)

tracy said...

ok, I am SO your date this coming weekend - me and the dog are expecting some eggs and hash browns for breakfast.

i have to spend the night at your place, see, because SOMEONE told me that i shouldn't be pursuing any other slumber party activities for a long while.


Christy said...

Throw in some sausage and bacon and you've got what Montrealers (or, Montrealers who eat breakfast at Cosmos)call "Mish Mash". Thanks for posting a comment on my blog, I am so happy to have found your's. Cheers!